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Mariko Hyland & Associates Pty Ltd/ AUSAN Pty Ltd

AUSAN/MHA is a specialist-consulting business providing Japanese services to both the Australian and Japanese business communities, that has over the past 20 + years built a reputation for providing excellent Japanese translation/copy-writing, voice-over and graphic design services.

AUSAN/MHA provides translation and consulting services to many Australian and Japanese companies with particular expertise in the following fields:

Translation and preparation of printed information for equine and canine education services and programs: Japan Quarantine Services, Kyushu Animal College, Pet Resorts Australia, etc.

Translation and preparation of printed information for human and animal food: Best Mates, Blue Buffalo, Eagle Boys Pizza, Passage to India, tea exports and imports (various), etc.

Human healthcare
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs: Continence Rehabilitation Centre, Advance Rahab Centre, Osaka Kawasaki Rehabilitation University, St Vincent’s Palliative Care Services, etc.

Animal welfare
Canine Rehabilitation Centre, Frontbell Co. Inc. Japan, Sydney Animal Physiotherapy, Dogs in Motion, RSPCA, Dingo Discovery Centre – Wildlife Conservation, etc.

The 'Keys' series published in Japan for Australian author Vicki Bennett, English translation for 'The Day all the Dogs Disappeared' by author Komichi Inoue, Japanese calendars with photography by Australian photographer David Darcy, etc.

Articles for Japanese magazines on racing, women’s issues, pets, lifestyle, etc.

Pet food and products
Australian products to Japan: Best Mates treats, Kelato Animal Health, Wellbeing for Dogs, etc.
USA products to Japan: Blue Buffalo Wilderness brand

Export assistance
Product information, DVD production, Japanese web information, export/import approval, service introductions, etc.